Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you selling the same item here, cheaper than the listed price on eBay?

We do cross-list some product on eBay at a higher price than you see here. eBay charges sellers fees that are 3x higher than if we sell direct, they also have dispute resolution policies that force sellers to account for "shrinkage" in their pricing. Because we can sell direct, and control our own return and store policies, we can pass the savings to the consumer.

Can you fit me? Do you do online fittings?

At this time we are not equipped to be an online or in-person fitter. However, there's a great chance that we can help you save money on that $600 driver shaft you were just fit into - if we have it in stock! Unless you are an elite player who knows exactly what you need - we always recommend working with a knowledgeable fitter.

What is your return policy?

Our full store policies can be found here. We do not allow for returns or refunds. The only way we are able to offer the prices we offer is by asking that all buyers are 100% sure on the product they want to receive before they buy it. If a product arrives damaged or you are shipped the incorrect product please contact our team.

When will you have a certain item back in stock?

We cannot guarantee a restock of any item. We deal in both new and used product, acquired from a variety of sources (sometimes the product comes from the back of a major retailer, or a store that's closing, or its a used item from the caddy yard). While we strive to restock, once an item is gone, consider it gone!