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GRIT Golf started when I was buying and selling so much used equipment (to test for my personal game) in 2018 that eBay slapped me with a 1099! That forced me to transition a spiraling equipment addiction into a business. Since then the company has been fortunate enough to make partnerships with retailers, pro shops, and club repair companies, those relationships help us to offer high quality used/overstock/closeout stuff at awesome prices. Long story short, I am lucky enough to get to test a lot of the equipment that comes in the shop (which is mostly used), and the stuff I like for my personal game goes in the bag. Remember, what's in my bag might not work for you, so if you can, go get fit!

A bit about me as a player:

-8 handicap

-86mph 7i, 103mph driver

-In-to-out pattern on all clubs, shallow delivery

-I fight the big hook, I usually set clubs up for a fade bias, and I'm happy with a baby fade

-I like underdog brands and classic designs (or cult classic designs) with staying power

-I'm a bit disenchanted with pace of the "equipment release cycle" from most OEMs - but hey, it's good for business!

Driver: The Adams "Frozen Rope"

Adams Speedline LS XTD 9.5, Fujikura Fuel 60 S (Set to -1*, 45.5”)

No club category gets more value from recent technology than the driver, but this driver is the oldest club in my bag at the moment. The shaft in my driver, the Fuji Fuel, was bought on a whim as a closeout, it has turned out to be a great shaft for me. The 2014 Fujikura Fuel is the same idea as a modern HZRDUS RDX, or the 55g Trono - the extra stiff mid section works great for my delivery. I first glued this club together just to have something for virtual golf after selling my personal driver (Cally Epic) during the offseason. After bouncing the ball into the 250-yd sign on the TGC driving range 3 times in a row, it went from fill-in to full-time spot in the bag.

3 Wood/3 Hybrid: The "New Reliables"

Ping G410, Ping Tour 75/85 S (Flat -1 in 3w, Up +1 in Hybrid)

I normally fight hooks, and G410 is not known as being open/fade bias, but these clubs just work for me. I was fit for these after my Cobra LTD woods (which are absolute bombers by the way, the 3 wood chased my driver) were showing a few too many hooks on the course. The Ping's are by far the best fairways/hybrids for my game that I've ever hit (GET FIT). ALSO - it needs to be said, the Ping made-for shafts are the bees knees. The longest shots with these are not as long as those LTD Fairways that still grace a few Cobra staffers bags 7 release cycles later, but the misses are always straight-ish (but short), I'll take that trade.

Irons (4-GW): My "Dark Horse" Iron Pick

Wilson C300 Forged (black), KBS 105 S (standard l/l/l)

Wilson is making amazing stuff and people are starting to catch on. The C300 forged are old enough though that they flew mostly under the radar, at least in the US. They are excellent clubs and visually they are gorgeous in the black/gunmetal finish. These are low offset and pretty flat which works for me. The KBS 105 is soft enough that I don’t feel like I need to overswing them, but firm enough to keep up. I get great height and spin with these and have no problem holding greens, which has been a struggle as I fight low spin overdraws in the longer irons. My only regret with these is that I didn't have to do anything to them, they are completely stock. I'd really love to pull the factory shafts and rebuild the clubs with some green/black/blue ferrule caps from - I still might do that... It just seems like a waste of epoxy...

Sand Wedge: GRIT

Cleveland RTX4, 56/Full, Modus 130X (55/65/35.5")

This is the first thing that I stamped "GRIT" on. This club is fantastic, seeing use by Cleveland/Srixon tour players (even after the Zipcore release). This is the only club I have with an X flex shaft, it finds it's way into this wedge by another happy accident. I don't think any sane fitter would have put me in the modus. With that said, where this shaft makes it's case is on the course, not the sim. With a shallow attack angle, the last thing I want is deflection, deceleration, or rotation of the head if I hit clip the big ball before the little one (ie hit a glide-y or chunky shot). Especially if I’m trying to scrape a shot off mulch, pop the ball out of the sand, dig it out of deep rough, scoop it out of a creek, rescue it from the jungle (you get the idea). The Modus 130x is extremely stout but feels as smooth as it can for the CPM. Stability through the bad stuff is the name of the game for this spot in my bag, I love love love this club, it's my go to for scoring shots, and at 55* in the x flex I can still get a lot of release for my preferred green side shot (the bump and run). I've chipped in twice in the same round with this club.

Lob Wedge: Old Gregg

Cleveland Zipcore, 60/Low, Alta CB R (60/65/34.5”)

This one has a bit of a “downstairs mixup”; a Cleveland head glued onto the Ping made-for iron shaft. This build was inspired by the TXG "franken wedge" video. The club head was stamped OLGRG long before the shaft was retrofitted (it was wearing a modus 130x before), but with the Alta CB in there, it almost seems like it was meant to be built this way. This is in the bag with the Ping shaft on probationary status. It's role is to be used off tight/hard lies when the ball needs to get up, and for intermediate pitches where I need to lob the ball up and ramp up spin. This is a utility/specialty club, not a go-to wedge for me. This club does what it is supposed to on the sim, but I truly believe you need to audition your wedges in real world course conditions before you give them a permanent spot in the bag.

Putter: The "Thin Blue Line" (between par and CHAOS)

Ping Vault Oslo Stealth, Factory

This is not a political statement, the stealth version of this putter literally has a thin blue alignment line. I need a putter head that resists my tendency to slightly close the face as I go into impact. The Oslo does that for me. The single long skinny line works for me for at alignment. I have a custom top line on the putter (shout out to Windmill Golf Center for that amazing idea) that I use like rifle sights to make sure my eyes are exactly where they are supposed to be over the putter before pulling the trigger. I was fit for this one, and it has been completely automatic, and completely easy compared to everything else I have tried before.

GRIPS: Golf Pride CP2 Pro Mid-Size (Driver), Golf Pride CP2 Wrap (3w. 3h, 4i-Lw), Ping PP60 (Putter)

I hope this is helpful for others. Even if this equipment doesn't suit your fancy, I hope this post inspires you to write a lover letter to your equipment the way I did here. CONFIDENCE in your equipment is incredibly important to your PERFORMANCE on the course. You don't have to spend $4,000 every 6 months to be confident in what you game, it just has to work for you. For me, hand picking, naming, personalizing, having stories, and sorting out details gives me the confidence that everything is "just right" - and it adds enjoyment to the game. Have fun with your gear!

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