LAGP Trono - Driver / Wood Shaft (55 / 65 / 75)

LAGP Trono - Driver / Wood Shaft (55 / 65 / 75)

This is a NEW, RAW, UNCUT shaft.


From the Manufacturer:


"Developed in conjunction with Bryson DeChambeau, the TRONO is designed with a highly unique EI profile to achieve extreme stability and control while still providing outstanding feel and optimal launch conditions for the modern high ball speed player. The stiffness profile produces a shaft where the middle third of the shaft is significantly stiffer than the butt end. The tip, although stiff, is not overly rigid and still provides an optimal low/mid launch with less spin and increased workability. Additionally, the TRONO is produced on LA Golf’s proprietary HD, 16-sided tooling which further enhances stability and feel. 100% Made in the U.S.A."


While you DO NOT have to be BAD to get this shaft to work for you in the lighter weights and flexes, these CPM about out more than a full flex stiffer than their designation. This profile is incredibly interesting, the mid-section is incredibly stiff, which "puts the head on a leash" - this profile can work for a surprisingly large segment of golfers. If your swing speed is less than 90, even the 55-R is probably not right for you, but if you move the shaft, and struggle with too much closure of the head these are a bit unique.


Will this shaft fit you? WE DON'T KNOW - but your fitter does! This shaft is new, we are not an LAGP authorized dealer, and cannot guarantee if/when these will be restocked. Get them while you can at this price. This shaft is non-returnable and expensive, so get fit.

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