Cash Game Hustla's

Cash Game Hustla's

Max-Fli VHL w/ KBS Tour 130 X (4-PW)


The 1994 Maxfli VHL is not so much a cult classic as it is an urban legend on golf forums. Each of the big forums has a post or two with different people in different parts of the World claiming to hold a course record, have shot the best round of their life, or won a club championship with this made in the USA set of iron heads from 90’s. Almost every “sighting” of these in forum lore describes a set retrofitted with a “tour weight” x stiff steel shaft. When we came across a set of these heads, we also had a used set of KBS Tour 130x laying around, the rest is history.


Who it’s for:

  • Golf forum historians
  • Cash game hustlers
  • 90mph+ 6i club head speed
  • Lovers of a bit of offset in a compact head
  • Lovers of traditional lofts and lengths
  • Hipsters, upcyclers, cheapskates, other curly moustache types
  • Believers in the Maltby MPF (these score stupid high)


What’s the verdict?

These heads are compact with minimal offset, a medium top line, and a very square face angle. They have the overall shape of maybe a modern day ping players iron? They are workable left and right, and up and down, but they offer pretty good off-center forgiveness, on par with anything modern in the player’s cavity category. Are these irons magical? Who knows, they definitely don’t suck, especially considering their vintage. I don’t have the ball striking needed to make these heads shine, nor do I have the swing speed to get these shafts going. Maybe you do, and these irons are your Excalibur? Maybe they are a bit of a gag, a goof, a golfwrx deepfake?


This is an oddball listing that you won't find on eBay or at your local big box. Once it's gone, it's gone.

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